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Nootropics – Student Mind has been created to help mainly students focusing on the most important things. There is not an unproductive day with our brain booster. This product is a dream for every busy person. Multitasking, focus, better memory, is only a little taste of what this food supplement has to offer.

Student Mind Brain Booster is packed full of research driven ingredients to help increase mental focus, help clear brain fog & help you perform at your mental best! Keep reading for information on each ingredient & why we have used it.

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Who are we?

We are a couple of students who decided to help our peers with their academics. We have been looking for a natural product without side effects to improve focus, increase memory and get extra energy to study for a longer period of time and still be productive. We have found nootropics and improved a formula.

Nowadays, a lot of students have not got motivation to study or they are distracted by external environment. That is why we are bringing this product to the market. Student mind is the revolution in learning, working and multitasking.


Our mission is to help all students and busy people to achieve their goals without drinking excessive amount of energy drinks full of caffeine and other similar products. These are not necessarily healthy in a larger consumption. By our advertising and social media we want to share real stories how this product is effective and helpful for students.


Our vision is to be available in different stores around the UK. Every student or busy person could get student mind whenever it is needed. By producing more products and lowering outcomes we want to become cheaper and affordable for everyone. Cooperation with third parties is vital to become more accessible and trustworthy. Sharing stories about the product and good testimonials should put us into the position of looking for influencers to become even more popular in the UK.

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